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- This expansion adds seven finely detailed, unpainted Imperial Special Forces miniatures to your collection along with seven upgrade cards that invite you to kit them out for battle.
- Rocket over the battlefield with the single highly detailed Boba Fett miniature featured in this expansion pack!
- Dominate your games of Star Wars: Legion with the single highly detailed AT-ST miniature found in this expansion pack.
- Scour the battlefield with the LAAT/Ie Patrol Transport Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion!
- Finely detailed, unpainted hard plastic Agent Kallus miniature that you can customize to fit your own style
- The Iden Versio and ID10 Commander Expansion contains beautifully sculpted, unpainted hard plastic Iden Versio and ID10 seeker droid miniatures.
- Enhance your Imperial armies with the Imperial Stormtroopers Upgrade Expansion for Star Wars: Legion!
- In the Darth Vader Operative Expansion, you’ll find an unpainted, easily assembled Darth Vader miniature in a different pose from the one found in the Star Wars: Legion Core Set.
- Occupy Imperial territory with the monstrous TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank miniature featured in this expansion!
- Protect the Emperor with the four unique, highly detailed miniatures included in this expansion pack!
- Crush the Rebellion with the single highly detailed Emperor Palpatine miniature included in this expansion!
- Inspire your troopers to fight for freedom with the single Leia Organa miniature featured in this expansion pack, depicted rushing forward with her Defender sporting blaster drawn.
Showingof 24 item(s)
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