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- All new races, including the boar-like farrow, pygmy trolls, and soulless elves
- Introduces the borderlands to Iron Kingdoms: Requiem, the ancient empires of dwarves and elves that explores life beyond the Iron Kingdoms for players
- A new sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying
- Centers on warfare and rules for mass battle in Rokugan
- Contains a wealth of information for Game Masters & Players
Privateer Press - PIP Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Immortality Adventure
- Delve into the award-winning world of the Iron Kingdoms with the latest edition of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game from Privateer Press.
Fantasy Flight Games - FFG Legend of the Five Rings: Roleplaying - Shadowlands
Privateer Press - PIP CLEARANCE Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Catacomb Tiles DOMESTIC ONLY
Fantasy Flight Games - FFG Genesys Roleplaying System - Realms of Terrinoth - Fantasy Campaign Setting
Renegade Game Studios - REN G.I. Joe RPG - GM Screen & Adventure
- 6 Highly detailed miniatures that are cast in durable plastic and are the perfect supplement for your Shadow of the Seeker Adventure
- This 4 panel hardback fouldout screen keeps all your notes, rolls, and miniatures hidden from view while providing a wealth of references at a glance to make your games of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem running smoothly.
- The first Iron Kingdoms adventure to be set in the mysterious land of Ios
- Filled with mysterious locations and strange encounters with the creatures of the twilight forest
- A story that spans multiple cities
- All new rules for managing diseases, the toll of fear and stress, and building weapons from the ground up
- Guidance for Game Masters to create all kinds of adventures set in the Borderlands
- A host of new monsters for every region of the Borderland
Showingof 38 item(s)
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