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- Death Archons are unlike other Archons in that they collect corpses and do not protect the souls of friendly models
- Can utilize corpses it collects to increase its own damage output, mobility, or to reduce the damage of enemy models near it
- An upgrade card collection for Star Wars: Armada
- Brings together 290 essential upgrades, ensuring that you have the maximum list-building flexibility
- Updated versions of all upgrades now printed on standard-size cards
- A key selection of Space Marines Vanguard units
- A great way to start a new army or add to an existing one
- 23 multipart plastic miniatures
Games Workshop - GAW Warhammer 40K - Dark Angels - Deathwing Command Squad
- Take command of the alchemical might of the Crucible Guard with this box, which contains a full army including elite rocketmen and combat alchemists along with a battlegroup of warjacks led by the warcaster Aurum Adeptus Syvestro.
- Includes miniatures of Deadpool, Bob, Agent of Hydra, and a taco truck!
- A key selection of Astra Militarum units
- A great way to start a new army or add to an existing one
- 31 multipart plastic miniatures
Games Workshop - GAW Necromunda - Zone Mortalis - Floor Tile Set
- When the Red Skull sought an heir for his criminal empire, he fathered Sinthea Schmidt.
- As a child, Ophelia Sarkissian was taken by Hydra and raised by Daniel Whitehall, the mysterious agent known as Kraken.
- A single Warden Executioner can wipe out multiple enemy infantry during each activation, making it a threat that must be dealt with quickly
- Can take both ranged and melee attacks in the same turn thanks to their Dual Attack special rule
- Slay your foes with branch, bow, and blade!
- Use in Warcry with the included rules and ability card…
- …and add them to your Sylvaneth Warhammer Age of Sigmar army!
- This starter is fully compatible with all previous Riot Quest releases and kicks off a brand new block of post-apocalyptic, winter-themed models and expansions for the game.
Showingof 5859 item(s)
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