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- Feast upon the living mountain
- Control your hunger and claim glory
- Contains 62 cards for your deck, including 30 universal cards
- Death Archons are unlike other Archons in that they collect corpses and do not protect the souls of friendly models
- Can utilize corpses it collects to increase its own damage output, mobility, or to reduce the damage of enemy models near it
- An upgrade card collection for Star Wars: Armada
- Brings together 290 essential upgrades, ensuring that you have the maximum list-building flexibility
- Updated versions of all upgrades now printed on standard-size cards
- Includes miniatures of Deadpool, Bob, Agent of Hydra, and a taco truck!
- Faction: Planet Eaters
- Agenda: Destroyers
- Class: Starter Set
- In the years since being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker’s life has been one constant adventure after another.
- Felicia Hardy is a world-renowned cat burglar with the latent ability to manipulate probability, causing her enemies to suffer
- Orks fall upon their foes like a swarming green tide.
- Faction: Empyrean
- Model Type: Command Group Starter Set
- Material: Metal
- Crush the enemy under a stampede of giant monsters
- Save money compared to getting the kits separately
- A Seraphon warscroll battalion of 3 Behemoths in one box
- Grace the battlefield with the Unrequited Queen and her personal bodyguard
- Save money compared to getting the kits separately
- A Nighthaunt warscroll battalion of 19 models in one box
- Quentin Beck began a life of crime as a frustrated artist. A successful stunt man and special effects creator in Hollywood, he turned to criminal life after failing to gain the recognition he thought he deserved.
Privateer Press - PIP Hordes - Grymkin - Grave Ghoul - Solo
Showingof 6046 item(s)
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