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Privateer Press July 2024 Presales

Privateer Press July 2024 Presales

July 2024 Privateer Press presales live! Featuring Necrofactorium Core Expansion, Mechanithrall Swarm, & Battlegroup for Warmachine: MKIV. Unleash the undead!

Privateer Press July 2024 Presales

In a thrilling update for miniature game enthusiasts and Warmachine aficionados, Privateer Press is excited to announce the launch of the highly anticipated July 2024 presales, featuring an electrifying lineup of releases for the darkly innovative Necrofactorium faction in Warmachine: MKIV. As the game evolves, these new additions promise to bring fresh tactics, breathtaking miniatures, and the unmistakable charm of the Necrofactorium to the battlefield.

You can check them all out here!

Warmachine: MKIV - Necrofactorium Core Expansion

At the heart of this month’s releases is the Necrofactorium Core Expansion. This foundational set is a must-have for any aspiring necrotechnician, packed with essential units, unique heroes, and the sinister machinery of war that define the Necrofactorium. Dive into the depths of mechanized necromancy and bring your strategic A-game to life with this pivotal expansion.

Warmachine: MKIV - Necrofactorium - Mechanithrall Swarm

Unleash the horde with the Mechanithrall Swarm. This set bolsters your forces with a legion of relentless, undead machinations. Perfect for overwhelming your foes with sheer numbers and resilience, the Mechanithrall Swarm is a testament to the Necrofactorium’s macabre efficiency in war. Each model is exquisitely detailed, capturing the terrifying fusion of necromancy and machinery that only Privateer Press can deliver.

Warmachine: MKIV - Necrofactorium Battlegroup

Elevate your game with the Necrofactorium Battlegroup. This meticulously curated set features a commanding selection of heavy hitters and specialized units designed to synergize and dominate the battlefield. Whether you’re initiating a newcomer or expanding your existing collection, this battlegroup offers a strategic mix of power and versatility, encapsulating the true essence of the Necrofactorium.

The Necrofactorium faction introduces a novel approach to gameplay in Warmachine: MKIV, emphasizing strategic resurrection, mechanized units, and a unique aesthetic that stands out on any gaming table. With these latest releases, players can explore new strategies, immerse themselves in the lore of the Iron Kingdoms, and enjoy the high-quality miniatures that Privateer Press is renowned for.

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