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Star Wars: X-Wing 2E - Rebel Alliance - A/SF-01 B-Wing

A/SF-01 B-Wing is a part of the Rebel Alliance faction for the miniatures game Star Wars: X-Wing 2E by Atomic Mass Games with the item number SWZ42.
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Star Wars: X-Wing 2E - Rebel Alliance - A/SF-01 B-Wing

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Incorporating a revolutionary gyrostabilization system, the A/SF-01 B-wing is dangerous to fly and difficult to master. In the right hands, however, the B-wing’s formidable weapons can be used to devasting effect, earning it a reputation as the premier assault fighter of the Rebel Alliance.

The A/SF-01 B-Wing Expansion Pack contains everything you need to add one of these powerful fighters to your Rebel squadrons, including a A/SF-01 B-wing ship miniature fully resculpted from the First Edition—now featuring folding wings, a spinning cockpit, and a body that can rotate on the peg. Additionally, you'll find four ship cards, identical to the A/SF-01 ship cards found in the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit. Finally, you’ll also find reprints of eight upgrade cards and two new Quick Build cards that provide plenty of options for outfitting your B-wing for battle.

- 4 Ship Cards:
-- 1 Braylen Stramm
-- 1 Ten Numb
-- 1 Blade Squadron Veteran
-- 1 Blue Squadron Pilot
- 8 Upgrade Cards:
-- 1 Adv. Proton Torpedoes
-- 1 Afterburners
-- 1 Electronic Baffle
-- 1 Fire-Control System
-- 1 Heavy Laser Cannon
-- 1 Ion Cannon
-- 1 Jamming Beam
-- 1 Squad Leader
- 2 Quick Build Cards


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