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Star Wars: Armada - Imperial Raider - Imperial Expansion Pack

Imperial Raider is a part of the Imperial faction for the miniatures game Star Wars: Armada by Atomic Mass Games with the item number SWM15.
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Star Wars: Armada - Imperial Raider - Imperial Expansion Pack

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The Raider-class corvette is the Empire's response to the need for a designated anti-fighter vessel.

The Imperial Raider Expansion Pack brings this ship’s six, accurate dual heavy laser cannons to Star Wars: Armada, where its utility against snubfighters and the disruptive effects of its ion cannon emplacements, along with the efficiency of its localized command, make it a powerful addition to any Imperial fleet. In addition to its pre-painted, small-base Raider miniature, this expansion introduces eight upgrade cards, a command dial, speed dial, and all requisite tokens.

- 1 Plastic Imperial Raider
- 1 Plastic Base
- 1 Plastic Support Pole
- 1 Command Dial
- 1 Speed Dial
- 1 Ship Token
- 4 Shield Dials with Plastic Connectors
- 3 Defense Tokens
- 4 Command Tokens
- 5 Victory Tokens
- 5 Objective Tokens
- 1 Main Ship ID Token
- 2 Ship ID Tokens
- 2 Squadron ID Tokens
- 2 Ship Cards
-- Raider I-class Corvette
-- Raider II-class Corvette

- 8 Upgrade Cards
-- Admiral Ozzel
-- Admiral Montferrat
-- Ordnance Experts
-- Quad Laser Turrets
-- SW-7 Ion Batteries
-- Rapid Reload
-- Impetuous
-- Instigator

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Time: 120 min

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Star Wars: Armada Core Set is required to play.


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