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- The Juggernaut is a hulking mass of plated armor wielding an ice axe.
- The Destroyer's whistling shells arcing overhead.
- The Marauder uses its piston-driven battering rams.
- The Decimator engineered to annihilate targets with direct fire.
- The Devastator's success has led to the development of other 'jacks based on this chassis.
- The Demolisher wields cannons that can deliver powerful ordnance.
- The Spriggan trades the armored arms of its predecessor for a heavy shield, a massive la
- Berserkers hack into infantry with their twin axes.
- The Mad Dog trampls forward to crush enemies.
- The shield-bearing Rager standing firm as an imposing eight-ton bodyguard.
- Only the best marksmen and markswomen from the Winter Guard Rifle Corps are sent to train to become windowmaker scouts.
- Her open display of mystical power, from forbidden relics to guardians enslaved to her will, has earned her many enemies but none capable of standing in her way.
- Cursed by dark magics, these abominations are twice as strong as ordinary men and able to withstand inhuman amounts of damage.
- Her command of winter magic allows Sorscha's Man-O-War to perform flanking and ambush maneuvers never before seen with these steam-powered soldiers. Sorscha goes where the fighting is thickest, laying waste to man and machine.
- Armed with a bombard and an industrial wrecking claw, Black Ivan is an unparalleled instrument of war that excels at both long-range bombardment and the brutal press of melee.
- Operating independently, Khador's senior Widowmaker marksmen move unobserved across the battlefield.
- Heedless of the dark prophecy that looms over his name, the Dark Prince of Umbrey strides boldly into battle and commands his warjacks and troops with a mastery of strategy that none can match.
- Reclaiming his long-denied birthright, Great Prince Vladimir Tzepesci rides his warhorse Vsada into battle to defend the lands of Umbrey restored to his family.
- Tankers support their smaller companions in battle, girding them with massive armored shields and laying down heavy supporting fire.
Showingof 84 item(s)
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