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- Death Archons are unlike other Archons in that they collect corpses and do not protect the souls of friendly models
- Can utilize corpses it collects to increase its own damage output, mobility, or to reduce the damage of enemy models near it
- The Mule wields a massive battle mace.
- The Nomad has been battering enemy ’jacks with its battle blade for 150 years.
- The Rover uses its battleaxe and shield-mounted cannon.
- Originally released in the Company of Iron starter box, this model is now available separately!
- Lt. Gwen makes an excellent addition to any Storm Division-themed Cygnar army, capable of dealing damage in both melee and at range.
- Offensively, both their melee and ranged attacks deliver a powerful punch, which is further increased when attacking the undead and Infernal models they are geared to destroy.
Privateer Press - PIP Warmachine - Protectorate of Menoth - Exemplar Theme Force
- Faction: Crucible Guard
- Material: Plastic & Metal
- Model Type: Heavy
- Containment Operatives are a 3-model unit armed with long-range alchemical projectors, which can fire three different types of alchemical cannisters via their Attack Types.
- A powerful support solo that uses its psychic abilities to protect friendly Crucible Guard models from ranged attacks and even enemy charges.
- The Archon's Soul Ward will protect the souls of your friendly models, and the combination of Dark Shroud to reduce enemy armor and its Void Walk teleportation means very few models are safe from its touch.
- Cursed by dark magics, these abominations are twice as strong as ordinary men and able to withstand inhuman amounts of damage.
- Armed with the most advanced mechanika in the Iron Kingdoms, the warjacks and warcasters of Cygnar provide commanders with the perfect balance of mobility, strength, and stopping power. Take command of the noble forces of Cygnar with this fully loaded b
- This add-on kit must be combined with a Banshee/Daemon/Sphinx kit (PIP 35034) to be a full model.
- While the Aeternae was previously offered as a full model kit, this release consist of the differentiated pieces as an alternate way for players and co
Showingof 641 item(s)
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