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- The Leviathan leads the charge with its terrifying rapid-fire cannon.
- The Harrower cuts through horrified soldiers with its enormous claw.
- The Desecrator uses its alchemically charged cannon to spray corrosive fluid across a wide area.
Builds one of the following
-The Corruptor, a helljack armed with venomous weapons designed to consume both body and soul.
- The Reaper can fire its harpoon to sink deep into flesh or steel before reeling in its victim with frightening speed. - The Mal
- Necro-Techs are the insidious creators of the many mechanical aberrations in the Cryx army. This foul, bloated creature scavenges wrecked warjacks in the midst of battle to acquire spare parts with which the Necro-Tech assembles walking, undead bombs!
- Applying a horrific blend of machinery, alchemy, and disfiguring surgery, the slavers transform their captured victims into powerfully muscled and mechanically enhanced warriors they control to fight and die in their stead.
- Versatile and deadly soldiers among more mindless undead, bane warriors host a darkness that both permeates their being and seeps into the world of the living.
- Made from a combination of scavenged parts of downed warjacks and fresh corpses, the Scrap Thrall are also stuffed with powerful explosives that can blow its enemies to bits.
- The revenants die a thousand deaths in service of the Dragonfather, for Lord Toruk grants them the necromantic power to rise again and the strength to destroy their enemies. 
- Souls are both ammunition and fuel for Scaverous. Those he slays and casts aside are fortunate compared to any possessed of special lore, whose skulls and souls he preserves for horrific necromantic interrogation.
- Only a warcaster of great courage would hope to stand against such a creature, for who else could withstand one of the greatest servants of the Dragonfather?
- For more than 200 years, the necromechanikal horror called the Deathjack has haunted the wilds of western Immoren. Striking without warning, this infernal machine voraciously devours souls and leaves nothing but death and destruction in its wake.
- This trio acts as one of the more subtle and precise instruments in Cryx's arsenal.
- The Coven are powerful sorceresses in the merciless employ of Cryx. Each witch is a warcaster dedicated to her sisters and to the undying cause of Lord Toruk.
Showingof 96 item(s)
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