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- Aurora is joined by her most trusted and beloved lieutenant, Prefect Hypatia, to lead a host of negation angels into battle at the archnumen's side.
Builds one of the following
- Conservator: equipped with heavy shields and low-traction gyros that allow it to intercept attacks.
- Assimilator: fires fires power weapons attacking an area.
- Modulator: can channel electrostatic energy into a bolt of t
- Meticulously designed and engineered to adhere to Aurora's divinely inspired vision, the negation angels comprise the archnumen's personal host. Peerless in their perfection, each angel is inhabited by a fearless and noble soul handpicked by Aurora hers
- This ranged-focused light warjack is capable of putting out a tremendous amount of firepower and can shred enemy infantry. Warcasters that can help boost this warjack's ranged accuracy, such as Iron Mother Directrix (PIP 36010) and Orion, the Eminent Co
- In combat these priests stay in constant motion, each a part of a carefully orchestrated plan to service the cogs in Cyriss' machine of war.
- These melee-focused light warjacks work best in small swarms, thanks to their Flank ability with each other. Players will want to bring them in pairs at the very least in order to attack targets in tandem. Warcasters that can increase the raw damage out
- The Frustrum Locus is a valuable arcane support solo for any Convergence of Cyriss army. In addition to its numerous anti-magic defense abilities, its Phase Singularity cannon makes targets hit more susceptible to the magical attacks of its allies.
- One Corollary light vector
- A valuable asset to any Convergence of Cyriss battlegroup
- These senior priests have an intimate grasp of design specifications, tolerances, and limitations which allow them to quickly adjust a unit's tactics, even in the heat of action.
- In concert with its orbiting permutation servitors, it can modulate its weaponry for pinpoint accuracy, destructive intensity, or area saturation.
- Only the most worthy members of the Convergence are afforded the tremendous honor of being chosen for soul transfer into one of these revered vessels.
- Reciprocators stand firm, shields interlocking with engineered perfection as they brace to absorb enemy assaults.
Showingof 34 item(s)
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