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- Save money when you start your army
- A key selection of Chaos Space Marines units
- 16 multipart plastic miniatures
- Assemble the core of your Heretic Astartes army.
- Gear up with your choice of weapons and wargear, including close-combat and ranged options.
- Build two squads of 5 or one squad of 10, with a variety of options for Aspiring Champions.
- The Heldrake model is an enormous, dragon-like construct, a Chaos fusion of flesh, bone and metal.
- Wield the untamed power of the warp with a large choice of psychic disciplines
- A powerful HQ choice available to all Heretic Astartes factions
- Armed with a force stave
- For some Chaos Space Marines, simply dedicating their souls to the gods is not enough.
- This multi-part plastic boxed set contains enough parts to make 12 multi-part plastic Khorne Berzerkers armed with bolt pistol and a mix of chainweapons (there are six chainswords and six chainaxes).
- An imposing HQ choice and natural leader for the Chaos Space Marines
- Armed with a mighty thunder hammer
- Able to increase the fighting skill and accuracy of nearby allies
- An intimidating HQ choice for the Chaos Space Marines
- The bane of enemy Characters
- Augmented by powerful abilities to help him engage and execute targets of choice
- An integral HQ choice for the Chaos Space Marines
- A powerful support Character able to bolster the Leadership and combat skill of nearby allies
- Accompanied by a pair of relic-bearing Dark Disciples
- A powerful HQ choice for the Chaos Space Marines
- A swift and durable character that is dangerous at range and at close quarters
- Able to confound enemy war machines and siphon energy from vehicles he destroys
- Bolster your army with a dedicated heavy weapons unit
- Can be equipped with a flexible choice of anti-infantry and anti-tank firepower
- A Heavy Support choice for the Chaos Space Marines faction
- A heavily armoured unit equally deadly at range and in close combat
- Can be equipped with a murderous array of melee and heavy weaponry
- An Elites choice for the Chaos Space Marines faction
Showingof 24 item(s)
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