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Warhammer 40K - Chaos Space Marines - Master of Executions

- An intimidating HQ choice for the Chaos Space Marines
- The bane of enemy Characters
- Augmented by powerful abilities to help him engage and execute targets of choice
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Warhammer 40K - Chaos Space Marines - Master of Executions

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Amidst the thunderous tumult of battle, a Master of Executions strides unflinchingly forwards, his mind focused on the gruesome decapitations he will soon administer. He is a being of singular purpose, a brutal weapon in the arsenal of the Heretic Astartes, and his existence is driven by an unquenchable desire to take as trophies the heads of mighty champions and charismatic leaders.

The Master of Executions is multipart plastic kit. He is a striking HQ choice in a Chaos Space Marines army whose sole purpose is to eliminate enemy characters with his fearsome (and utterly enormous) axe of dismemberment. The model displays all the grisly hallmarks of an executioner, with a trophy rack, bone decoration all over his armour, and he also clutches a pair of recently decapitated heads in his right hand.

- This kit builds one Master of Executions. It is supplied in 9 plastic components, including a choice of bare or hooded head, and comes with one 40mm Citadel Round Base.


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