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- A Chaos Chosen Blood Bowl team
- 4 Chaos Blockers and 8 Beastmen, with interchangeable heads
- Includes turn markers, balls and double-sided score coins!
- Root your defence in strength and staying power
- Can be added to Wood Elf, Halfling, and Old World Alliance teams
- Finally get Akhorne the Squirrel, with a bonus Treeman!
- The Scarcrag Snivellers made a decision a long time ago to make an attempt at playing Blood Bowl without all the sneaky tricks employed by most Goblin teams
- Trick your rivals with a variety of specialised positionals…
- …Then treat your players to plenty of fresh meat
- Build an undying legacy on the pitch
- Do you want to add a fearsome and slightly absurd Troll to your Orcish Blood Bowl team? Or maybe a Goblin team?
- Double-sided pitch for Old World Alliance and Underworld Denizens teams
- Features an urban market square on one side, and a dark, dank cavern on the other
- Includes special rules for both sides of the pitch
- This is a pack of handy reference cards for a Human Blood Bowl team, along with blank cards allowing every coach to create their own players!
- Intimidate your opponents with Varag’s unsavoury reputation…
- … Then show them how he earned it with proven hitting power
- A solid Star Player that will form the core of both offence and defence
- Devour the competition, and anything else you can find laying around
- Your Ogres do the heavy lifting, throwing, and kicking (of the Gnoblars, naturally)
- Walk the ball across the pitch, over the bodies of the opposing team
- 14 multipart plastic players for a Shambling Dead team
- Also includes Shambling Undead accessories such as Turn Markers, Blood Bowl balls, a transfer sheet and a sample roster
- The Elfheim Eagles are notable for eschewing the fancy outfits and extravagant parties of Elven teams past in favour of drills, training sessions and even more drills.
- The Dwarf Giants are an old team with a very long and distinguished history.
Showingof 24 item(s)
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