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Blood Bowl - Necromantic Horror Team - The Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers

- Trick your rivals with a variety of specialised positionals…
- …Then treat your players to plenty of fresh meat
- Build an undying legacy on the pitch
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Blood Bowl - Necromantic Horror Team - The Wolfenburg Crypt-Stealers

Blood Bowl is a gloriously violent game, but the best players don't let anything as pedestrian as death keep them down. The Necromancers of Sylvania discovered some time ago that their magical talents made for a viable career as a coach. They soon began making dark pacts with Ghouls, Wraiths, and even Werewolves – or simply stitching together Flesh Golems from the beefiest body parts they could scare up.

Slow but durable Zombies flesh out your lineup. Combined with a variety of specialised players to choose from, a savvy Necromancer can tailor the team to a variety of play styles. Ghouls and Werewolves bring speed, Wraiths are slippery, and Flesh Golems are strong and tough. And as the dead don't rest easy, they'll always be up for more, win or lose.

- 6 Zombie Linemen
- 2 Ghoul Runners
- 2 Wraiths
- 2 Werewolves
- 2 Flesh Golems
- 2 Turn Counters
- 2 Coins
- 4 Spooky Balls
- 14 32mm Round Slotta Bases
- 1 Transfer Sheet

The rules to use Necromantic Horror teams in your games of Blood Bowl can be found in Spike! Journal Issue 11.


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