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Atomic Mass Games - AMG Separatist Invasion - Battle Force Starter Set
- The highly detailed unpainted hard plastic Cad Bane miniature found in this expansion features a variety of customization options, inviting you to assemble it with or without his signature hat, or with different weapons.
- Upgrade your tactics with the Super Tactical Droid Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion!
- With the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank Unit Expansion, you can add one of these heavy tanks to your Separatist army.
- Expand your droid forces with the DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion!
- A Separatist Alliance Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion
- Integrate two swift STAP riders into your droid armies
- Includes two unpainted, beautifully detailed STAP rider miniatures that can be assembled in a variety of poses
- Deploy a unit of hulking B2 Super Battle Droids to your Star Wars: Legion battles with six new miniatures!
- Four unpainted, finely detailed B2 Super Battle Droids blast their opponents with their arm cannons.
- Create a massive droid army with the nine highly-detailed B1 Battle Droid miniatures found in this expansion!
- Protect key Separatist personnel with the IG-100 MagnaGuards Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion!
- Lead the assault with the NR-N99 Persuader-class Tank Droid Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion!
- Even more tactical flexibility with new options to fill personnel slots and explore new strategies with new faction-specific command cards
- 4 New Droids
- The beautifully sculpted, unpainted Darth Maul miniature can be assembled in three different poses
- Further explore Maul’s abilities with his three signature command cards
- Eight upgrade cards let you enhance Maul’s connection to the dark side
Showingof 16 item(s)
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