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PRESALE Warmachine: MKIV - Necrofactorium Battlegroup WAVE 3

Necrofactorium Battlegroup is for the miniatures game Warmachine: MKIV by Privateer Press with item number PIP23020.
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Article number: PIP23020
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PRESALE Warmachine: MKIV - Necrofactorium Battlegroup WAVE 3

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Discerptor Eviscerus is a skilled scavenger and necrophagous feeder upon the carrion wastes of the heavy industries of the Iron Kingdoms. His role in service to Cryx is to prowl the battlefields, wrecks, and ruins of the mainland in search of the secrets of metallurgy, mechanikal engineering, and mechanika that can be integrated into the wartime production of the Nightmare Empire. The skilled warcaster and necrotech is a master of pulling apart and reverse-engineering any device or mechanikal system that he can sink his claws into. Eviscerus is served and protected in his work by an assortent of Cryxian warjacks: the murderously efficient Malefactor heavy warjack with its assortment of powerful arms and weapons, and the uniquely configured Raptor light warjacks. The Raptors are often utilized as mobile arc nodes but have many other applications within the arsenal of Cryx.

- 1 Discerptor Eviscerus (warcaster)
- 1 Malefactor (heavy warjack; includes 4 heads and 8 weapons)
- 2 Raptor (light warjacks; each includes 4 heads and 4 weapons) 


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