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PRESALE Warmachine: MKIV - Necrofactorium Core Expansion WAVE 3

Necrofactorium Core Expansion is for the miniatures game Warmachine: MKIV by Privateer Press with item number PIP23001.
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Article number: PIP23001
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PRESALE Warmachine: MKIV - Necrofactorium Core Expansion WAVE 3

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At the very heart of any significant Necrofactorium army are its teeming legions of thralls and the necrosurgeons that construct and lead them into battle. Most senior and singularly powerful among these necromechanical artificers is the warcaster and Master Necrosurgeon Sepsira, who relentlessly commands her forces in battle, issuing orders not even the dead can refuse. The bulk of her forcers are made up of powerful Mechanaithrall Hordes, bands of nigh unstoppable mechanically enhanced unliving dead servitors that fight together to drag down any enemy in order to batter and eviscerate them into scrap parts. Further supporting these mechanized thralls are the Necrosurgeron Initiates, who can patch them back together, and the sorcerous Skarlock Lieutenants who serve as their direct commanders. Sepsira is also accompanied by malicious Machine and Dominators, which exist to wreak havoc upon enemy warjacks and warbeasts.

- 1 Master Necrosurgeon Sepsira (warcaster)
- 2 Mechanithrall Swarm Units (10 models)
- 1 Necrosurgeon Initiates Unit (3 models)
- 1 Skarlock Lieutenant (solo)
- 1 Machine Wraith Dominator (solo) 


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