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November 2022 Privateer Press presales!

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November 2022 Privateer Press presales!

WARMACHINE – Khador Winter Korps Core Army Starter (Resin)

PIP 24000                                 MSRP: $192.99


  • 1 Kapitan Ilari Borisyuk Warcaster
  • 1 Dire Wolf Heavy Warjack
    (4x Head 8x Arm/Weapon options)                        
  • 1 Great Bear Heavy Warjack 
    (4x Head 8x Arm/Weapon options)                        
  • 2x Winter Korps Infantry Unit (12 models)
  • 2x Winter Korps Infantry Standard
  • 1 Shock Trooper Gunner Unit (3 models)
  • 1 Arkanist Unit (3 models)
  • 1 Winter Korps Officer Solo

The Khador Winter Korps starter set includes all the models a player needs to play a 50-point game of WARMACHINE. The set contains the unpredictable gunmage rifleman warcaster, Kapitan Ilari Borisyuk, two customizable warjacks each with a suite of weapon and head options, two light infantry units along with a command attachment and selection of support weapons, two shock trooper gunner unit, an Arkanist support unit, and a Winter Korps Officer solo.


  • A complete starter army, including all the models a player needs to play a 50-point game of WARMACHINE: MKIV
  • The Khador Winter Corps Core Army Starter contains a minimum of 49 points up to 63 points, depending on how the warjacks are configured and whether the Command Attachment is selected.
  • First chance to play with the new Khador Winter Korps Army and MKIV customizable options for warjacks!
  • All rules for WARMACHINE: MKIV will be available on the free-to-download WARMACHINE app. The beta version launches in October.

WARMACHINE – Major Anson Wolfe – Cygnar Warcaster (Resin)

PIP 21003                                 MSRP: $12.99

An unsung hero of countless border wars and skirmishes, Captain Anson Wolfe has long served as the senior warcaster at the formidable fortress of Eastwall. In addition to his many battles with Cygnar’s Menite neighbors, he also saw action in the Llaelese War against Khador and more recently against the servants of the infernals when his old friend and former commander Archduke Alain Runewood betrayed his oaths, his nation, and debased his immortal soul in the service of the demonic fiends. Unable to reconcile his inner turmoil, Wolfe throws himself into every battle, losing himself—at least briefly—in the bloodthirst of the moment.


  • Possesses both the Blood-Quenched and Side Step special rules.
  • His Give ’Em Hell feat states that when one or more friendly Faction models are destroyed by an enemy attack while in Wolfe’s control area, immediately after the attack has been resolved, one model in Wolfe’s battlegroup currently in his control area can advance up to 2˝ and make one basic attack.
  • His Positive Charge spell states a target friendly Faction warjack gains +2 to melee attack and melee damage rolls. Additionally, while within 3˝ of the affected warjack, friendly Faction models gain +2 on melee attack and melee damage rolls.




WARMACHINE – Horruskh, The Thousand Wraths – Orgoth Warcaster (Resin)

PIP 22003                                 MSRP: $15.99

A savage warlord inhabited by a reckless and renowned spirit from darkest antiquity, Horruskh is among the most formidable warriors in the Orgoth host. Inarguably the scion of an unbroken chain of ruthless conquerors, Horruskh has lived a thousand lives that appear to him in broken dreams, driving his ambition and propelling him headlong into every fresh slaughter and atrocity. It is only through such terrifying acts that he can draw the attention of the Fellgoeth and gather the souls necessary to barter his way from the darkness of the Outer Abyss. And when he first laid eyes on the shores of Immoren, Horruskh knew he had been here before and had made the continent bleed. If Sabbreth is the architect of the Orgoth invasion, then Horruskh, The Thousand Wraths, is its unbreakable spirit.


  • When a friendly Faction model makes an attack or damage roll during its activation while in Horruskh’s control range, Horruskh can spend 1 power point to allow the model to reroll that roll.
  • Feat grants +3 ARM and 4+ Tough roll.
  • Once per activation, when Horruskh destroys an enemy model with a melee attack, he can cast a spell without spending focus.

WARMACHINE – Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova – Khador Warcaster (Resin)

PIP 24003                                 MSRP: $12.99

Ekaterina Baranova is among the most powerful arkanists of her generation. Once the pride of the Greylords Covenant, which she served faithfully in the years following the infernal invasion, Baranova denounced the organization and her former tutors within it. With a meritorious service record and recommendations from both the Order of Illumination and the entire Old Faith Synod in Korsk, Baranova received an imperial pardon and was able to join the newly established Winter Korps as a kapitan in 618 AR. Her mastery of the arcane arts is not only singular among Khador’s depleted ranks but in the whole of the Iron Kingdoms. She now hungrily awaits putting her talents to use against the hated Orgoth host now ravaging the Motherland’s western shores.


  • When one or more living enemy models are destroyed by an arcane attack while in Baranova’s control range, Baranova gains one focus point.
  • Possesses the Field Marshal [Arc Node] special rule.
  • Her Storm of Ages feat says, “Enemy models/units activating in Baranova’s control range suffer –2 SPD, cannot charge, or make slam or trample power attacks. When a friendly model in Baranova’s control range is targeted by a ranged or arcane attack, the attack suffers –4 RNG. Storm of Ages lasts for one round.”

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