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PRESALE Warmachine: MKIV - Brineblood Marauders - Pyg Battle Brig WAVE 3

Pyg Battle Brig is part of the Brineblood Marauders faction for the miniatures game Warmachine: MKIV by Privateer Press with item number PIP28023.
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Article number: PIP28023
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PRESALE Warmachine: MKIV - Brineblood Marauders - Pyg Battle Brig WAVE 3

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The Brineblood Marauders frequently launched sky-faring ships from larger floating vessels to serve both as reconnaissance vessels at sea and as death (or at least harassment) from above. Crewed by pygs chosen for their lighter weight and nimble fingers, these vessels gave the pirates an edge in naval combat, and as mechanisms for steering and lift improved, a number of the Brineblood sea captains began to see potential in the new craft. The involvement of the pyg vessels in direct naval conflicts increased. Foolhardy pyg sky mariners began to fasten bombs to the side of their ships, explosive devices that could be dropped on enemy vessels in battle. As the size and complexity of the pig airships increased, the largest vessels were armed with deck guns and heavier cannons that could be brought to bear on enemy ships in the skies. Thus were created the battle brigs and the accompanying warning cry, "Pygs ahoy!"

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