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- The first into the fight and the last to leave it, the soldiers of the Trencher Corps form the vanguard of Cygnar's army, holding ground against all odds on behalf of their comrades in arms.
Privateer Press - PIP Warmachine - Cygnar - Stormblade Infantry & Storm Gunners - Storm Knight Unit & Weapon Attachment
- Triumph is an artillerist's dream and a nightmare to Cygnar's foes.
- These commandos must master a variety of skills that include camouflage and covert unit coordination in addition to the deadly knife fighting techniques that are their trademark.
- Captain Kara Sloan goes to war as a one-woman rifle brigade. When focused on the destruction of her foe, every warjack she commands becomes linked to the pull of her rifle's trigger to unleash a barrage of unparalleled accuracy and power simultaneously.
- The thundering rifle of a Trencher Express team means death to even well-protected foes of Cygnar.
- Tempest Blazers are the cavalry of the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest. From atop their mounts these pistol-attuned sorcerer-soldiers harry enemy formations with arcane firepower.
- The Reliant is built for versatility, whether enveloping the enemy with crackling electrical fields from a distance using its Stormbringer or driving the opposition to its knees with pulse hammer strikes. 
- Centurion and its mighty piston spear can easily pierce the hulls of enemy warjacks.
- The Hammersmith wields twin forge hammers meant to flatten anything in its path.
- The Avenger features a stun blade and a groundbreaking seismic cannon.
- Armed with the most advanced mechanika in the Iron Kingdoms, the warjacks and warcasters of Cygnar provide commanders with the perfect balance of mobility, strength, and stopping power. Take command of the noble forces of Cygnar with this fully loaded b
- Jonas Murdoch is a tough-as-nails trencher captain who can take even the worst mercenary scum and whip them into soldiers any Cygnaran officer would be proud to lead. Under his command, a mercenary unit functions as part of the army of Cygnar.
- Allister Caine was never an ordinary journeyman, for he had already earned both infamy and fame as a gunmage.
Showingof 88 item(s)
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