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- Upgrade a variety of Primaris units
- Add iconography and details unique to the Iron Hands
- Finish your models with Chapter-specific transfers
- Lead your Iron Hands into battle with the honoured Iron Father
- Blast your foes apart at range with Gorgon's Wrath…
- …or chop off more than just hands with Harrowhand
- The definitive book for Iron Hands collectors
- Bestiary and datasheet for Iron Father Feirros, the Master of the Forge
- Includes Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives, Relics of Medusa, the Technomancy discipline and more!
- Quickly refer to Stratagems and psychic powers
- Tailor your Maelstrom of War missions with unique Iron Hands Tactical Objectives
Showingof 4 item(s)
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