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- A key selection of Blood Angels units
- A Combat Patrol-sized force in a box, designed to save you money!
- 15 multipart plastic miniatures
- The warriors of the Death Company, consumed by the madness of the Black Rage, consign themselves to death in battle.
- Includes 5 Death Company Intercessors
- Terrifyingly aggressive combat troops
- Can instead be painted as Blood Angels Primaris Intercessors
- Lead your Blood Angels with their Chief Librarian.
- Smite your foes with devastating psychic powers…
- …or strike them down with his force sword, Vitarus.
- The Sanguinary Guard are the utmost elite of the Blood Angels chapter.
- The spiritual leaders of the Chapter, roaring into battle clad in jet-black armour covered in grim portents of death, Chaplains are a terrifying, death-dealing icon of the Space Marines, feared and respected by all who encounter them.
- The Sanguinary Priests are the Apothecaries of the Blood Angels, charged with preserving the Chapter’s precious gene-seed. Each Priest carries a blood chalice, each believed to contain a sliver of the essence of Sanguinius himself and which galvanises n
- The Furioso Dreadnought is death incarnate, a towering war machine whose fearsome weaponry is guided by a pilot buried deep within its shell.
- This pack of plastic components can be used to upgrade a variety of Primaris Space Marines with iconography and details specific to the Blood Angels.
- 34 datacards designed to work alongside Codex Supplement: Blood Angels
- Quickly refer to Stratagems and Sanguinary psychic powers as well as your Death Visions!
- The definitive Blood Angels supplement for Codex: Space Marines
- 18 datasheets covering units that are unique to the Blood Angels and their successors
- Includes Stratagems, Secondary Objectives, Warlord Traits, the Sanguinary psychic discipline, Rel
Showingof 11 item(s)
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