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- A floating terrain piece for the Lumineth Realm-lords
- Garrison your heroes to provide multiple benefits
- Help nearby wizards cast their spells
Games Workshop - GAW Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Lumineth Realm-Lords - Army Set
- The definitive book for all Lumineth Realm-lords collectors
- New units, allegiance abilities, and spell lores
- 27 warscrolls and 8 warscroll battalions
- A powerful rallying point for Lumineth troops
- Unleash the power of the dawn's light
- Sculpted detail makes painting the solarsilk banner easy
- Fast and accurate missile cavalry
- Fire their bows even in melee combat
- Perfect support for a Hurakan Windmage
- Scythe through enemy infantry
- Launch deadly flanking maneuvers
- Interchangeable shields and crests
- The hammer AN anvil of the Lumineth
- Includes options for a Standard Bearer and Truestone Seneschal
- Build with stone mallets or diamondpick hammers
- Paint runes of power onto the land itself
- Embolden your allies and assail your enemies
- Proof that the pen is mightier than the sword!
- Masters of the aelementor winds
- Cast spells from the far corners of the battlefield
- Supports your Hurakan Windchargers
- Strike hard and fast with these aelf swordmasters
- Protect nearby Scinari wizards from harm
- Magical banners resist enemy spells
- Support your infantry and cavalry units with magic
- Enhance your Alarith Stoneguard
- A great project for a painter
- Strike down foes with sword and spell
- Deploy ahead of your forces to capture objectives
- Become harder to take down if no allies are nearby
Showingof 22 item(s)
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