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- Kickstart your Soulblight Gravelords army with a resilient core of units
- Includes elite infantry, swift cavalry, and a powerful Wight King to lead your forces
- Saves you money compared to buying these units individually
- A Battleline unit for Soulblight Gravelords armies
- Able to return after death to fight once more
- Contains 20 miniatures, enough to build two units or one large formation
- Fast, heavy-hitting elite vampire cavalry
- Able to restore their health in combat
- Battleline in Kastelai Dynasty armies
- A swift Battleline unit for the Soulblight Gravelords
- Ten slavering beasts to pick off vulnerable targets
- Relentless undead predators with a savage bite
- The essential companion for your undead hordes
- All the rules you need to field a Soulblight Gravelords army
- Packed with fascinating background information and art
- A powerful Leader for Soulblight Gravelords armies
- Bleed the foe dry with fearsome melee and magical skills
- Bolster nearby allies to fight with a savage lust for blood
- Bolster the ranks of your Soulblight Gravelords with this vampire of the Vyrkos Dynasty
- Quicksilver reflexes keep Lady Annika safe and her foes in mortal danger
- Tear through your prey and drain their blood to fuel her murderous rampage
- A large horde of 20 Battleline troops
- Turn victims into additional zombies
- Bring down skilled fighters through weight of numbers
- Command your Soulblight Gravelords with the master of the Vyrkos Dynasty
- A terrifyingly fast apex predator to tear through your enemies
- A massive, bestial presence on the battlefield, with the strength of several lesser vampires
- Take contested objectives with these extremely fast shock troops
- Hunt for victims with razor-sharp fangs
- Harry foes with charge after charge
- Monstrously powerful commander for the Avengorii dynasty
- Powerful both physically and magically
- Kit builds either Lauka Vai or a Vengorian Lord
- Bolster the ranks of your Soulblight Gravelords with this vampire of the Vyrkos Dynasty
- A consummate survivor who your foes will struggle to kill
- A thoroughly unnerving presence on the battlefield
Showingof 13 item(s)
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