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Kings of War 3rd Ed. - Cavern Dweller BLACK FRIDAY NOW

Cavern Dweller is a part of the Northern Alliance faction for the miniatures game Kings of War 3rd Ed. by Mantic Games with the item number MGCKWL406.
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Kings of War 3rd Ed. - Cavern Dweller

Cavern Dwellers are but one of the horrors found within the expansive northern ice caves. These creatures are able to slow their metabolisms and go years without food. They lurk motionless in the darkness, waiting for their prey to wander within their ensnaring reach. They are blind but their remaining senses are highly tuned. With the willing assistance of the cruel cave trolls, a clan may risk the dangers of capturing one of these ghastly beings to keep it chained up for years. Starving and half mad, it will then be goaded to battle where its voracious appetite is then unleashed upon the enemy.

- 1 PVC Cavern Dweller 


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