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Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika - Empyrean - Daemon B - Weapon Pack

- Faction: Empyrean
- Model Type: Weapon Pack
- Material: Metal
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Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika - Empyrean -Daemon B - Weapon Pack

In addition to the multitude of technological and arcane mysteries surrounding the highly advanced Empyrean warjacks, there is also the matter of the mechanika adaptions integrated into each of their chassis designs. The Daemon warjack integrates both offensive and defensive systems, including a protective aegis field and a Cypher-dispelling disruption engine. Their most devastating mechanikal advancements, however, are reserved for their powerful weaponry. Among the Daemon’s weapon options are the adaptive Protean Forge melee weapon and the disrupting Antiminator. These machines can also be equipped with wideband-scanning Metaperceptors. Back-mounted weapons include the force-projecting Meteor Cannon and the defensive Force Shield Projector. Cortex options include the protective Defender cortex and evasive Wraith cortex.

- 1 Protean Forge
- 1 Antiminator
- 1 Metaperceptor
- 1 Meteor Cannon
- 1 Force Shield Projector
- 1 Defender Cortex
- 1 Wrath Cortex
- 5 Cards 


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