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D&D: Icons of the Realms - Tyranny of Dragons - Bahamut

Bahamut is a part of the Tyranny of Dragons line for D&D: Icons of the Realms by WizKids with the item number WZK71858.
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D&D: Icons of the Realms - Tyranny of Dragons - Bahamut

The chief deity of the metallic dragons is Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. He dwells in the Seven Heavens of Celestia, but often wanders the Material Plane in the magical guise of a venerable human male in peasant robes. In this form, he is usually accompanied by seven golden canaries - actually seven ancient gold dragons in polymorphed form.

Bahamut seldom interferes in the affairs of mortal creatures, though he makes exceptions to help thwart the machination of Tiamat the Dragon Queen and her evil brood. Good-aligned clerics and paladins sometimes worship Bahamut for his dedication to justice and protection. As a lesser god, he has the power to grant divine spells.

- 1 Pre-Painted Bahamut Plastic Figure 


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