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- “I can tear a guy’s leg off by its roots and use it to smack down sixteen of his buddies."
Corvus Belli - CVB Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha PRESALE 12/18/2020
Corvus Belli - CVB Hecklers (Combi Rifle) BLACK FRIDAY NOW
- This Limited Christmas Edition contains the miniature of the Fat Yuan Yuan and a pair of Christmas socks.
- The Blue Wolf Regiment is a nomadic unit, always changing its location, always on the move, so as not to be an easy target.
Corvus Belli - CVB Wildcats, Multipurpose Tactical Unit (Spitfire) BLACK FRIDAY NOW
Corvus Belli - CVB 0-12 - Booster Pack Alpha PRESALE 12/18/2020
Aristeia! Prime Time is a multiplayer expansion for this tactical action game (MOBA style) that allows you to take control of a team of four characters and fight for prizes and glory under the delighted gaze of a billion viewers.
The Cutter is the Remote Presence tactical armored gear model used by the Varuna Chasseurs Regiment of the Rapid Intervention Division.
Corvus Belli - CVB Streloks, Kazak Reconnaissance Unit (K-9) BLACK FRIDAY NOW
Corvus Belli - CVB Aristeia!: The Ultimate Sports Show
Showingof 167 item(s)
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