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The Army Painter Warpaints Fanatic Sets Presales

The Army Painter Warpaints Fanatic Sets Presales

New Warpaints Fanatic Paint Sets from The Army Painter releasing early next year!

The Army Painter Warpaints Fanatic Paint Sets Presales

Greetings, hobbyists and miniature enthusiasts! We're thrilled to bring you some exciting news that is sure to bring your painting experience to new heights. The Army Painter, renowned for its high-quality hobby products, is introducing the all-new Warpaints Fanatic Paint Sets—a collection designed to ignite your passion for painting and enhance your artistic endeavors. Whether you're a seasoned painter or just starting your hobby journey, these sets are bound to become your go-to companions.

The Army Painter's Warpaints Fanatic Paint Sets are a game-changer for hobbyists and painters alike. With carefully crafted colors, versatile options, and high-quality formulations, these sets provide the tools you need to turn your miniatures into works of art. Whether you're a fantasy enthusiast, a sci-fi fanatic, or a historical wargamer, these paint sets are sure to become an essential part of your hobby arsenal.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Warpaints Fanatic and unlock your painting potential. Elevate your miniatures, tell epic stories on the gaming table, and let your creativity run wild with The Army Painter's latest and greatest paint sets. Happy painting!

See all the presales available from The Army Painter here!

Releasing in March of 2024

The Army Painter - Warpaints Fanatic - Mega Set

Are you ready to dive into the ultimate painting experience? This mega set not only provides you with an extensive color palette but also unlocks a world of creative possibilities. Whether you're a hobbyist with a passion for variety or a dedicated painter seeking a complete solution, the Fanatic Mega Set is the perfect choice to fuel your artistic ambitions.

The Army Painter - Warpaints Fanatic - Complete Set

For those who crave the ultimate painting experience, The Army Painter presents the Warpaints Fanatic Complete Set. With this set, you'll have the freedom to explore a vast spectrum of colors, effects, and techniques, allowing your creativity to flourish. Elevate your miniatures to new heights and transform your hobby into an immersive artistic journey with the Warpaints Fanatic Complete Set.

Releasing in April of 2024

The Army Painter - Warpaints Fanatic - Starter Set

Embark on your painting journey with the Warpaints Fanatic Starter Set—an ideal introduction for newcomers to the world of miniature painting. This set includes carefully selected colors to get you started on your creative endeavors. With user-friendly formulations and a variety of essential shades, the Fanatic Starter Set is perfect for honing your skills and discovering the joy of bringing your miniatures to life.

The Army Painter - Warpaints Fanatic - Washes Set

Introducing the Warpaints Fanatic Washes Set—a must-have for painters seeking to enhance depth and detail in their miniatures. These high-quality washes provide effortless shading and highlighting, bringing out intricate details and adding realism to your models. Whether you're aiming for a gritty, battle-worn look or a clean and polished finish, the Fanatic Washes Set offers a versatile range of washes to elevate your painting techniques.

The Army Painter - Warpaints Fanatic - Metallics Set

This collection features a spectrum of metallic shades that add a touch of brilliance to your models. Whether you're highlighting futuristic armor or embellishing fantastical weapons, these metallic paints provide a lustrous finish that captures attention and enhances the overall visual appeal of your miniatures.

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