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Privateer Press Presales April 2024

Privateer Press Presales April 2024

Privateer Press' newly announced April 2024 release for the Southern Kriels faction of Warmachine: MKIV!

Privateer Press Presales April 2024

Excitement is reaching a fever pitch among Warmachine enthusiasts as Privateer Press announces the upcoming release of the Fire Tongue Warriors, a formidable new unit expansion for the Southern Kriels faction. Set to hit the shelves in April 2024 as part of the highly anticipated Warmachine: MKIV edition, these warriors are poised to change the battlefield dynamics and add a fiery new dimension to the game.

The release of the Fire Tongue Warriors aligns with Privateer Press's commitment to keeping the Warmachine gaming experience fresh and exciting for its dedicated community. With the introduction of new units and expansions, players can continuously explore innovative strategies, ensuring that every game is a unique and thrilling encounter.

Get ready to stoke the flames of war as the Fire Tongue Warriors march into battle, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Warmachine: MKIV is about to become even more intense, and the Southern Kriels faction stands ready to assert their dominance with this fiery new addition to their ranks. Prepare for war, commanders – the Fire Tongue Warriors are coming!

Warmachine: MKIV - Southern Kriels - Fire Tongue Warriors

- Warchief Bagadibawm (warcaster) - A powerful Bullcroak who dances through battle like a cyclone of magical fire.
- Vorogger (heavy warjack) - A heavy warbeast favored by Bullcroak warlocks for its fiery nature.
- Spirit Shaman (3-model unit) - A mystical support unit to bolster their allies
- Fire Spitters (5-model unit) - a unit of fire-flinging warriors.
- Ward Stones (3 solos) - Ancient ancestral pillars that protect and enchant
- Fugue Walker (solo) - A relentless warrior that uses natural toxins to provoke a berserker state.
- Mawga'Bawza (character solo) - A Bullcroak sorceress who supports her allies with magic and alchemy. 

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