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PRESALE Warmachine MKIV - Orgoth Sea Raiders - Siege Tarask 05/00/2023

Siege Tarask is a part of the Orgoth Sea Raiders faction for the miniatures game Warmachine: MKIV by Privateer Press with the item number PIP22021.
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Article number: PIP22021
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PRESALE Warmachine MKIV - Orgoth Sea Raiders - Siege Tarask 05/00/2023

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Hulking brutes hailing from the broken homelands of the Orgoth, the taraskadons are believed to be distant cousins of eastern Immoren's fearsome titans. Larger and even more physically powerful than their Immorese relations, these creatures are trained for war. Crewed by a single rider adept at harnessing the taraskadon's innate rage, these beasts are transformed into fearsome siege tarasks, savage instruments of war. 

- 1 80mm Siege Tarask


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