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Warmachine: MKIV - Cygnar Storm Legion - Storm Forge

Storm Forge is part of the Cygnar Storm Legion faction for the miniatures game Warmachine: MKIV by Privateer Press with item number PIP21040.
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Article number: PIP21040
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Warmachine: MKIV - Cygnar Storm Legion - Storm Forge

The stormsmiths of Cygnar have long supported the nation's powerful military forces in the field. Embracing advanced galvanic and mechanikal technologies with a gleeful enthusiasm that touches on madness, the arcanists of the Storm Forge maintain this tradition to the present day. Manipulating the weather and harnessing the raw power of nature, the soldiers of the Storm Forge fight alongside the Storm Legion and other branches of Cygnar's armed forces; for them, the sky is both weapon and shield.

- 1 Adept Sparkhammer (warcaster)
- 1 Storm Callers (unit)
- 1 Storm Vanes (Unit)
- 1 Weather Tower Weapon Crew (solo)
- 1 Specialist Tyson Vos (character solo) 


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