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Monsterpocalypse - Tritons - Kraken Hatchlings, Orca Huntsmen & Sea Dragon

Kraken Hatchlings, Orca Huntsmen & Sea Dragon from the Tritons faction for the miniatures game Monsterpocalypse by Privateer Press with the item number PIP51204.
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Article number: PIP51204
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Monsterpocalypse - Tritons - Kraken Hatchlings, Orca Huntsmen & Sea Dragon

As Archipelagon rose from its slumber, it brought along its own ecosystem to the surface, one that contained new creatures: Sea Dragons, as adept at living deep in the ocean as they are flying through the sky; Orca Huntsmen that stalk the enemy in packs, ensuring total Triton dominance; and Kraken Hatchlings, which help support the Tritons land-based war efforts from the rear.

Kraken Hatchlings, Orca Huntsmen, and Sea Dragons are Triton units that will work for any Protectors Monsterpocalypse army. The Sea Dragon’s Aegis keeps it safe from enemy actions so it can close in on its prey and Sever their special rules from their tactics. Orca Huntsmen are the forward-attacking unit of the Tritons, Scouting out the streets for more prey. And the Kraken Hatchlings’ Action: Catapult makes them the perfect ally to help get the aggressive pack hunters of the Tritons’ army where they need to go.

- 2 Kraken Hatchlings
- 2 Orca Huntsmen
- 1 Sea Dragon


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