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Malifaux 3E - General Faction Upgrades


Give your Malifaux Third Edition Crew the tactical edge by supplying your models with unique gear, rare spells, or too much caffeine, represented by these Upgrade Cards! Contained in this pack are the general Upgrades for each of the seven Factions and two Quick Reference cards, for a total of 44 cards.

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_x000D_ 2 Reference Card
_x000D_ 2 Diesel Engine
_x000D_ 2 Soulstone Cache
_x000D_ 2 Magical Training
_x000D_ 2 Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit
_x000D_ 2 Twelve Cups of Coffee
_x000D_ 2 Inferiority
_x000D_ 2 Expert Marksman
_x000D_ 2 Lead-Lined Coat
_x000D_ 2 No Prisoners
_x000D_ 2 Ancient Pact
_x000D_ 2 Eldritch Magic
_x000D_ 2 Inhuman Reflex
_x000D_ 2 Servant of Dark Powers
_x000D_ 2 Soldiers for Hire
_x000D_ 2 Wanted Criminal
_x000D_ 2 Grave Spirit's Touch
_x000D_ 2 Killer Instinct
_x000D_ 2 The Whisper
_x000D_ 2 Masked Agent
_x000D_ 2 Silent Protector
_x000D_ 2 Trained Ninja

_x000D_ _x000D_


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