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Warmachine - Infernals - Omodamos, The Black Gate - Infernal Master (Omodamos 1)

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NEW ARRIVAL - Warmachine - Infernals - Omodamos, The Black Gate - Infernal Master (Omodamos 1) - 08/23/2019


All infernal masters are adept at battle, but more than any other, Omodamos embraces combat as the essence of his being. This master is a juggernaut of destruction, a force of unnature, and a being whose arrival presages slaughter and endings. He is called the Black Gate, for he eschews negotiations and contracts, preferring to tear souls directly from the slain and send them howling into the Outer Abyss. His arrival on Caen affords ample opportunities to inflict chain reactions of destruction and suffering, a pleasure denied him in the outer realms. Where Omodamos strides, reality weakens and buckles, flinching back as if afraid.

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Key Features:
_x000D_ Omodamos is a powerful, beat-stick of an Infernal Master who takes the fight straight to the enemy. Locked Horns provides Unyielding to his army, making them more durable in close combat. And one of his most powerful features is the spell Synergy, which amplifies all your battlegroup models’ accuracy and hitting power. So, Omodamos particularly favors a large battlegroup of powerful Horrors to build an extensive Synergy chain.

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_x000D_ 1 Omodamos

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