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PRESALE - Riot Quest - Ol' Grim - Scout - 02/12/2021

- Ol’ Grim is a Scout Class Hero with excellent mobility and long-ranged firepower
- This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as Cryx Khador solo, meaning he is usable in both Factions as a Faction model
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PRESALE - Riot Quest - Ol' Grim - Scout - 02/12/2021

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No one is sure how or why Ol’ Grim exists. Pistol wraiths have long been a known threat from the old Nightmare Empire of Cryx, but a “rifle wraith,” which Ol’ Grim appears to be, shouldn’t even be possible. Yet despite this, he exists. Ol’ Grim seems to have been a widowmaker in life, if his incorporeal visage is any indication. This fact causes even more perplexities with regards to his origins.

All that the scavengers of the wastes know is that Ol’ Grim is a downright lethal nuisance. He appears without warning in the distance, shoots a few times at anything alive in his sights, then fades away into the ether. Certain scavenger crew bosses claim to know ways to lure Ol’ Grim to their side temporarily using old mementos and forbidden rituals, but none are willing to share their secrets just yet.

- 1 Ol' Grim 


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