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Muse on Minis: Tokens - Judgement - Wave 1: Heroes

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Muse on Minis: Tokens - Wave 1: Heroes


Judgement is a 2 player table-top miniatures game inspired by the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) computer game genre. In Judgement you play the role of a demigod that summons mortal heroes to the shadow plane of In-Between to capture Souls that fuel your immortal power. Each hero is represented on the table-top by a finely crafted 54mm scale resin miniature with incredible detail and dynamism.

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_x000D_ - 3 Shadow Orbs
_x000D_ - Invisibility
_x000D_ - Time Bender
_x000D_ - Protective Stance
_x000D_ - Enhance Magic
_x000D_ - Frenzy
_x000D_ - Blizzard
_x000D_ - Null Magic
_x000D_ - Hold Monster
_x000D_ - Bulwark
_x000D_ - Mesmerising Gaze
_x000D_ - Savagery
_x000D_ - Primal Scream
_x000D_ - Mystic Shield
_x000D_ - Gift of Life
_x000D_ - Taunt
_x000D_ - Augury
_x000D_ - Enhance Self
_x000D_ - Keg Smash
_x000D_ - Stone Grasp
_x000D_ - Dwarven Ale
_x000D_ - Stone Form
_x000D_ - Duplicate Self
_x000D_ - Holy Shield Heroes

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