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Monsterpocalypse - Buildings - Skyscraper


Some buildings are taller and more impressive than others, and these ones are all that and more. Reach for the sky, Skyscraper, but do not be surprised when a rampaging Terrasaur knocks you down.

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TRADE POINTS: The buildings in Monsterpocalypse offer additional abilities to all forces in the game and make up an important part of any player’s collection.

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Key Features:

_x000D_ The Skyscraper is the sturdiest of buildings and provides resources to more easily get new units into play.
_x000D_ The Downtown High Rise represents a valuable objective that inspires adjacent units to fight harder and offers a tasty snack for many monsters.
_x000D_ The Corporate Headquarters shuts down an opponent’s ability to cloak units from ranged attacks and interferes with their power production.
_x000D_ The Communications Array allows the ranged attacks of a force to reach farther, allowing for more control of the battlefield.
_x000D_ The materials that fuel the Industrial Complex can just as easily fuel the destructive potential of a force’s models, speeding them across the city.
_x000D_ The Power Plant is a great way to increase your own power production and gives mechanical monsters a way to recover from injuries.

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