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- Death Engines are strange, rickety contraptions crewed by “volunteers”; no two are ever of the same design.
- Agile and adept at striking enemy weak points, these assassins will have learned their basic skills serving as scouts in the Scurrier teams.
This new two-player starter is the perfect introduction for Kings of War – the mass fantasy battle game. War in the Holds tells the story of the brutal battles between the evil goblins and equally wicked Ratkin. Includes two exclusive minis!
- Created to commemorate the passing of a true Kings of War legend: Jesse Cornwell.
A dangerous Goblin horde! When a Biggit gets important enough to rally this many Goblins to his banner, he becomes a force to be reckoned with, their numbers overwhelm the enemy under a swarming tide of vicious, stabby little bodies.
- The Shredder is a smaller device than a Death Engine but no less fiendish.
- Not all Ratkin experiments are entirely successful.
- Ratkin scurriers are often tasked with raiding the fleabag pens of the goblin tribes they see as easy prey.
- These water wyrms use their chameleon like abilities and stealth to slither unseen as they hunt their quarry.
- Sirens were once Naiads that, against all odds, fell deeply in love with beings not of the realms.
- In the dark, cold places beneath the waves, horrifying creatures lurk in a submarine world almost devoid of light.
- The magic to summon these beings is fragile, but once successfully performed, the very air around the caster seems to coalesce and thicken as an ancient servant of nature manifests as a devastating tempest of primal rage.
Showingof 21 item(s)
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