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- Meet your rivals across the Line of Scrimmage in the ultimate test of guts and athletic skill
- Get two fully-loaded teams, complete with Star Players and Big Guys right out of the gate
- Streamlined and updated rules make for the most exciting versio
- The perfect way to start playing Warcry
- Fight thrilling underground skirmishes
- Includes two warbands
- Show your team spirit with a set of ghostly dice
- Roll in suitably eerie style
- Match your Wolfenburg Crypt-stealers team colours
Games Workshop - GAW Blood Bowl - Lizardmen Team - Lizardmen Pitch
Games Workshop - GAW Blood Bowl - Lizardmen Team - Dice Set
- Root your defence in strength and staying power
- Can be added to Wood Elf, Halfling, and Old World Alliance teams
- Finally get Akhorne the Squirrel, with a bonus Treeman!
Games Workshop - GAW Blood Bowl - Shambling Undead Dice Set
- Double-sided pitch with matching dugouts
- Graveyard theme – dusk on one side and midnight on the other
- Includes special rules for both sides of the pitch
- Rules and profiles for Necromantic Horror teams
- Breathes unnatural life into the dark and twisted world of Sylvanian Blood Bowl
- Dread tales and morbid history, stitched together in one grimoire
- Full set of reference cards for Necromantic Horror teams
- Track your team with blank cards for all 5 positions
- Special Play cards exclusive to Necromantic Horror teams
- Special Plays can be used by any team to help even the odds
- 48 Universal Special Plays found exclusively in this deck
- Includes 16 reminder cards for Prayers to Nuffle
- Trick your rivals with a variety of specialised positionals…
- …Then treat your players to plenty of fresh meat
- Build an undying legacy on the pitch
Showingof 181 item(s)
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