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- This is a great-value box set that gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Aeldari miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer 40,000!
- The Dark Reapers represent the War God in his role as the Destroyer.
- Lethal close combat fighters
- Includes multiple build options for the Exarch
- Assemble as either Asuryani or Ynarri warriors
- Dominating the tabletop, the Wraightknight is an enormous model, standing almost 9” tall at its highest point at the top of the Warp vanes.
- Swooping, jinking and arcing across the skies at unbelievable speed, turning at impossible angles, the Windriders are jetbike pilots completely in tune with their machines.
- This multi-part plastic kit contains everything required to make one Aeldari Farseer Skyrunner or Aeldari Warlock Skyrunner.
Games Workshop - GAW Craftworlds - War Walker
- Lead your Aeldari to victory
- Easily strike down your enemies in melee
- Swift, agile and utterly deadly
- The Wave Serpent is the main troop carrier of a Craftworld's army.
Games Workshop - GAW Craftworlds - Wraithlord
- The Dire Avengers in this kit are all armed with Avenger shuriken catapults, as well an enough extra parts for each to be equipped with their own ammunition pouches.
- Masters of prediction, the Farseers are the strangest and most visionary of a craftworld's advisors.
Showingof 17 item(s)
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