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Aeronautica Imperialis - Ork Air Waaagh! - Eavy Bommers

- Bomb da 'umies!
- 2 plastic Ork Air Waaagh! Eavy Bommers for games of Aeronautica Imperialis
- Packed with all of the options you'll ever need
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Article number: GAW500-18
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Aeronautica Imperialis - Ork Air Waaagh! - Eavy Bommers

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Eavy Bommers are one of the largest planes used in an Ork Air Waaagh! They are built with sustained bombardment in mind, and are recognisable by their distinctive engine sound – deeper in pitch and audible over the drone of all smaller Ork aircraft. It's not just the rumble of an engine, it's the sound of doom.

This set has all of the optional extras than any self-respecting Mekboy would ever need. You get two cockpits, four different designs of dorsal turret gun, four designs of nose turret gun, four designs of engine, four designs of air intakes, two designs of dorsal plates, two designs of rear doors, four wing designs and a two different tail configurations. So, no matter how big your squadron gets, no two Eavy Bommers need ever look the same. You also get a selection of Rokkits, Wing Bombs, Big Bombs and Big Shootas to upgrade your planes.

- This 88-part plastic kit makes two Ork Air Waaagh! Eavy Bommers, and comes supplied with two Aeronautica Imperialis bases and two flying stems.


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