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  1. Marvel: Crisis Protocol approaches!

    We are less than a month away from the release of Marvel: Crisis Protocol! As always, Discount Games Inc. is offering the lowest price on these item that is allowed by Asmodee! Wave one has these items: -Core Set -Hulk -M.O.D.O.K. -NYC Terrain Pack -Dice Pack -Measurement Tools You can buy these items here:
  2. Presales now available from Games Workshop!

    These items are now available for presale! SPACE MARINES Primaris Impulsor Primaris Infiltrators IMPERIAL FISTS Codex Supplement Datacards Upgrades & Transfers Tor Garadon SALAMANDERS Codex Supplement Datacards Upgrades & Transfers Adrax Agatone
  3. Judgement!

    Judgement is a face paced miniatures game based on MOBA computer games. The miniatures are large and well detailed. Ashton recently painted Zaffen for Jay. You can order him here:
  4. Riot Quest Painting Blog #8: Assembly of Wave One Miniatures by Marc Harrison

    Marc Harrison is painting Jay's Riot Quest models and blogging about the experience. You can visit his website ( or Facebook page ( for additional information. Mark is always looking for more commission work! Riot Quest Painting Blog #8: Assembly of Wave One Miniatures, By Marc Harrison I will be going through each step of how I assemble the following...
  5. Oblivion is back in stock!

    The Oblivion Campaign Set is back in stock! Jay had a lot of fun playing through this entire campaign and highly recommends it!
  6. New and upcoming releases!

    NEW ARRIVALS RIOT QUEST Orsus the Chained Captain Crawtooth Wolf With No Name BLOOD BOWL Lizardmen Lizardmen Pitch Lizardmen Dice Head Coach's Rules Goblin Team Cards Spike #7 Dice BLACKSTONE FORTRESS Servants of the Abyss Cultists of the Abyss Abominable Intellect WARHAMMER UNDERWORLDS They Grymwatch The Grymwatch Cards & Sleeves BOARD GAMES Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein Villainous: Evil Comes...
  7. Upcoming podcast for Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

    Jay is launching a new podcast in a few weeks named Recalibration Matrix! The podcast will focus on the miniatures game Marvel: Crisis Protocol and Marvel comics. Jay's co-host will be Greg Webster. Greg has a deep knowledge of the Marvel Universe. Each week they will put out a free main episode and a bonus episode for people that back...
  8. Godtear is now available for presale!

    Godtear is releasing on December 6th! We have these items available for presale: The Borderlands Starter Set Eternal Glade Starter Set Thodri Ironheart Lorsann Blackjay Halftusk You can buy these items here:
  9. Guild Ball items available for presale!

    We have six new items that are releasing October 25th that are now available for presale at the maximum allowed discount! -The Mason's Guild: Solid Foundations -The Mason's Guild: The Punishing March -Veteran Chisel -Veteran Decimate -Veteran Honour -Veteran Sakana You can buy these items here:
  10. Malifaux items available for presale!

    These Malifaux items are now available for presale and will release on October 18th: FACTION BOOK Resurrectionists Outcasts Bayou Ten Thunders Six Feet Under Wake the Dead Voon Schtook Surgical Staff Vengeful Ghosts Altered Beasts The Ten Peaks Support Staff Dreamer Teddy A Light in the Dark The Howling Familiar Faces Viktorias Hired Killers Marlena Webster Wokou Raiders A Hard...