Marc Harrison is painting Jay's Marvel: Crisis Protocol models and blogging about the experience. You can visit his website ( or Facebook page ( for additional information. Mark is always looking for more commission work!

Marvel Crisis Protocol Painting Blog Part Four: Painting the Movement Tools, By Marc Harrison

I will be doing an overview of how I painted the movement tools that will be used for Jay’s Marvel Crisis Protocol (MCP). I won’t be going into a high level of detail with this blog. Mostly outlining the colors, I used for each tool. I paint these tools in my level 1 tabletop quality.

Painting the Under Coat

I apply an undercoat using an air brush. I use the following:

• P3 Menoth White Highlight
• Vallejo Flow Improver
• Vallejo Thinner

I apply two light coats to the tools and allow to dry.

Painting the Colors

I apply inks using an airbrush. I use the following inks for each tool:

• 5 Movement Tool – P3 Blazing Ink
• 4 Movement Tool – P3 Blue Ink
• 3 Movement Tool – P3 Piggy Purple Ink
• 2 Movement Tool – P3 Turquoise Ink
• L Movement Tool – P3 Yellow Ink
• M Movement Tool – P3 Green Ink
• S Movement Tool – P3 Red Ink

I apply two coats of ink to each tool. I apply the ink straight form the bottle.

Painting the Trim

I use P3 Thamar Black to paint the trim of the movement tools. I apply the paint by hand.

Bullet Coating

I apply varnish to the movement tools using the following:

• MTN Acrylic Varnish, Gloss
• Testors Dull Cote
• Vallejo Matt Varnish

I apply the MTN varnish first. Once dry I apply a single coat of dull cote. I finish by applying two coats of matt varnish using an air brush. As these tools wear, the clear gloss coat will begin to show. When this happens its time to re-apply a coat of dull cote and matt varnish.

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