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Archives: July 2019

  1. Order Warcry now!

    Have you placed your preorder for Warcry?! Our product is shipping to us now! Games Workshop has informed us that until further notice, all restocks are capped at two items a week, which means you should order before our initial wave of product runs out!
  2. Judgement at Gencon!

    Gencon is fast upon us! Jay will be working Gencon August 1st-4th. He will be selling and giving demos for Judgment at booth 2861. We are doing two specials for Gencon: -Buy five heroes and get a monster for free -Buy a starter box and three heroes and get a monster for free You can buy these models at Gencon...
  3. New Judgement items!

    There are lots of exciting items for Judgement now available at Discount Games Inc! A Magna bag and rack specially configured for Judgement: Jaegar: Acrylic core token set: Acrylic token set wave one: Acrylic token set wave two: Acrylic sticks:
  4. October Privateer Press pre-sales!

    October pre-sales from Privateer Press are now available! WARMACHINE Thamarite Archon Alexia 4 Void Archon Zaateroth Grand Master Gabriel Throne Order of Illumination Vigilants Orin Midwinter 2 RIOT QUEST Wolf With No Name Captain Crawtooth Butcher 4 MONSTERPOCALYPSE Ulgoth White Dajan Snatchers, Elite Snather, & Hellion Ape Bomber, Elite Ape Bomber, & Command Ape
  5. September release dates for Privateer Press!

    September release dates! 13th: WARMACHINE Oblivion Campaign Set Agathon RIOT QUEST Black Bella Boomhowler Gorman Playmat 20th: MONPOC Gorghadratron UCI Industrieds 27th: WARMACHINE Morrowan Archon Menite Archon Primal Archon RIOT QUEST Widget Harlowe
  6. Pathfinder pre-sales!

    New releases for August 1st, now available for pre-sale! Pathfinder 2E: Core Core Special Ed. Bestiary Bestiary Special Ed. GM Screen Character Sheets Condition Deck Flip Mats Adventure Paths
  7. Malifaux pre-sales for July 26th!

    These Malifaux items are releasing on July 26th and are now available for pre-sale! General Faction Upgrades Brutal Fate: Guild Versatile Carrion Fate: Ressurectionists Versatile Arcane Fate: Arcanists Versatile Mysterious Fate: Neverborn Versatile Hodgepodge Fate: Outcasts Versatile Lucky Fate: Bayou Versatile Shadow Fate: Ten Thunders Versatile Outcasts: Loyalty to Coin Faction Books: Guild Arcanists Neverborn Core Boxes: Lady Justice Perdita...
  8. Warcry is now available for pres-sale!

    Warcry is now available for pre-sale! Warcry, like all Games Workshop items, qualifies for our rebate program. Email us at [email protected] for details. Secure your copy of Warcry now!
  9. Infernals delays

    UPDATED INFERNALS RELEASE DATES All July releases have been moved to August 2nd. All August releases, releasing on the 9th, will now be moved to August 23rd. August 16th and 30th releases will remain the same.
  10. Warcry pre-sales go live on Saturday!

    Warcry pre-releases will go live tomorrow! All of the new releases will be available at the maximum allowed discount and are eligible for our rebate program. We currently expect to be able to fulfill all pre-orders. Get your orders in early!

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