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Archives: June 2019

  1. New releases!

    Order these items today and they will ship tomorrow: Sorscha 0 PIP33137 Swashbuckler PIP41149 Captain Rahera PIP41159 Sister Superior Amalia Novena Warhammer Underworlds: Power Unbound Cards
  2. Infernals!

    The new core rules update for Warmachine that include the rules for Infernals are available here: Warmachine rules update Infernals are now in War Room! You can place your pre-orders here:
  3. Extra savings on Urban Conquest!

    Urban Conquest is now available with an extra rebate! Get these extra savings while you still can!
  4. Malifaux Third Edition June presales are now available!

    The release of Malifaux Third Edition is almost upon us! There are thirteen June presales that are now available!
  5. Riot Quest available for presale!

    Riot Quest is now available for pre-sale and is releasing on August 16th! The lead designer of this game is William Hungerford. It plays in 20-30 minutes and Riot Quest models are usable in this game and in Warmachine. The once-great Iron Kingdoms are now a pile of smoldering ruins. But there’s treasure everywhere…if you’ve got the gumption to fight...
  6. New & Upcoming Releases!

    Releasing this week! June White Dwarf Age of Sigmar General's Handbook 2019 Last week's releases! Contrast paint line (trying to restock) MonPoc Jungle Fortress King Kondo Assault & Rocket Apes Gunners & Infiltrator Apes Outer Rim
  7. Games Workshop release June 22

    The Age of Sigmar General's Handbook 2019 is now available for presale!
  8. Warmachine & Hordes Theme Force Box Restock!

    Did you know that the Warmachine & Hordes Theme Force Boxes are limited release items? We received a small restock and now have these Theme Force Boxes available: Protectorate of Menoth Khador Cryx Trollbloods Circle Orboros Legion of Everblight
  9. Infernals painting blog #6: Priming Horrors

    First up for the beasts is the Tormentor. I wanted to go with lighter skin tones. The artwork seems to suggest a that these horrors have light skin. I was stuck between 2 recipes that I wanted to use. The first is Menoth White Base, shaded with Bastion Gray and Cryx Bane Base. This is highlighted with Menoth White Highlight...
  10. August release dates for Privateer Press!

    AUGUST RELEASE DATES 9th: PIP38008 WM: Infernal: Tormentor Heavy Horror $39.99 PIP38009 WM: Infernal: Desolator Heavy Horror $39.99 PIP38010 WM: Infernal: Master: Omodamos $39.99 PIP51061 MP: UCI: Cyber Khan $27.99 PIP51062 MP: UCI: Carnitrons & Robo Brontox $27.99 PIP51063 MP: UCI: Shinobots, Gunner & UCI Jet $27.99 16th: PIP63001 RQ: Riot Quest Starter Box $49.99 PIP63005 RQ: Guard: J.A.I.M. $14.99...

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