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  1. Games Workshop release June 22

    The Age of Sigmar General's Handbook 2019 is now available for presale!
  2. Warmachine & Hordes Theme Force Box Restock!

    Did you know that the Warmachine & Hordes Theme Force Boxes are limited release items? We received a small restock and now have these Theme Force Boxes available: Protectorate of Menoth Khador Cryx Trollbloods Circle Orboros Legion of Everblight
  3. Infernals painting blog #6: Priming Horrors

    First up for the beasts is the Tormentor. I wanted to go with lighter skin tones. The artwork seems to suggest a that these horrors have light skin. I was stuck between 2 recipes that I wanted to use. The first is Menoth White Base, shaded with Bastion Gray and Cryx Bane Base. This is highlighted with Menoth White Highlight...
  4. August release dates for Privateer Press!

    AUGUST RELEASE DATES 9th: PIP38008 WM: Infernal: Tormentor Heavy Horror $39.99 PIP38009 WM: Infernal: Desolator Heavy Horror $39.99 PIP38010 WM: Infernal: Master: Omodamos $39.99 PIP51061 MP: UCI: Cyber Khan $27.99 PIP51062 MP: UCI: Carnitrons & Robo Brontox $27.99 PIP51063 MP: UCI: Shinobots, Gunner & UCI Jet $27.99 16th: PIP63001 RQ: Riot Quest Starter Box $49.99 PIP63005 RQ: Guard: J.A.I.M. $14.99...
  5. Judgement restock!

    We received a large restock of Judgment models yesterday. Now is a perfect time to check out the game! Pictured in this post is a Kogan being painted for Jay by Ashton.
  6. Infernals painting blog #5: Valin Houke

    I decided to make this model the second one after Omodamos, reason being, I liked it and it gives me a chance to play with infantry color placement. First step is starting with some black primer. I his helps influence the overall feel of the color scheme. Darker primers tend to create darker feeling color schemes, while lighter primers help...
  7. New & Upcoming Releases!

    Now in stock: Villainous: Wicked to the Core Presales: June 14th- King Kondo Ape Gunners & Ape Infiltrator Assault Apes & Rocket Apes Jungle Fortress June 15- Contrast Paint line We expect to have more of the Contrast Paint Line sets available on Tuesday or Wednesday!
  8. Infernals Unboxing #2: Cultists, Griever Swarm, Soul Stalker, & Infernal Gate

    Infernals Unboxing #2
  9. September Privateer Press New Releases

    WARMACHINE & HORDES WARMACHINE: Oblivion Campaign Set (metal model) PIP 25005 MSRP: $59.99 Contains: Hermit of Henge Hold (metal) Oblivion Campaign Book WARMACHINE/HORDES Updated Rules Digest 20 Omen Campaign Cards EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE… A pact struck ages ago has finally come due, and now the otherworldly horrors known as the Infernals descend upon Caen to collect their payment. The cost...
  10. Announcing Citadel Colour Contrast

    Games Workshop has a new paint line called "Citadel Colour Contrast". This paint line is intended to quickly get a model "battle ready" with just one coat of paint. With one coat from the Contrast line, your models will have their base coast, shading, and highlight. Games Workshop is limiting the initial release of this product to retailers, so we...

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