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  • The Dreamer (Dark Menagerie) vs Elara 2 (Defenders of Ios)

    I took my Dreamer list mentioned early in the week to our Wednesday night game night.  My opponent and I picked our lists blind of what the other person was playing.  My opponent picked Elara 2 with triple halberdiers and an Arcantrik Force Generator in the theme list that give his halberdiers advance move.  I was concerned that my beast heavy list would get blown off the table by charging halberdiers using their mini feat, but I also thought it would be an interesting test for the list.

    The scenario that we randomly rolled was Recon II.  I selected Sacrifice and Desolation as my Arcana.  I went first.  There was a large forest on my side of the board in between the two zones.  I decided to deploy heavily on one side of the board and try to contest the other zone mainly with Gremlin Swarms.

    We each ran forward.  On my second turn I tried to screen my forces with my throw away Dread Rots.  My opponent started by charging in with Elara.  I triggered my Trump Arcana and she teleported back and got knocked down.  My opponent was a little hesitant to do too much work with my Trump Arcana up.

    The game flowed back and forth.  I tried to use a couple Gremlin Swarms to screen my beast brick and clog up charge lanes.  My beasts took some damage, but my opponent had a sea of dudes for me to use Bone Picker on and heal myself.

    My opponent eventually committed Elara to my weak zone.  Between her attacks and Marked for Death, he started threatening a scenario win.  It became evident that I could table my opponent and still lose on scenario.  I decided that I needed to go for an assassination.

    I started the assassination run by having a beast kill a halberdier so that I could make a small phantasm.  The phantasm then ran within 5" of Elara so that I could mark the target.  The Dreamer advanced within range to shoot Elara and succeeded in making her stationary.  A Skin & Moans trampled over to her and killed her with two bought attacks.


    -I never had a great opportunity to use Desolation.  I had hoped that I would be able to put down some terrain that would kill some of his models and make his charge lanes more difficult to navigate.  It ended up being more difficult to time and use than I expected.  I still think the Arcana has merit, but it can be somewhat difficult to use.

    -Enfeeble was a fantastic spell.  It crippled a unit of halberdiers and allowed me to ignore them for a while.

    -It was a mistake to try to go so heavy on one side of the board and try to contest with just Gremlin Swarms in this match up.  Elara had the tools to deal with the question I was presenting.  It would have been smarter for me to send one Skin & Moans and Cage Rager to each zone.

    -The Dreamer is a very fun caster to play who has many options!

  • Rules Deep Dive

    Question: If the Desolation Arcana puts a Burning Earth Template into play, do you roll for it to expire at the start of each turn?

    Answer: The Infernal Bulldog comes to the rescue!  If you are playing Steamroller game, you do not roll for the Burning Earth Template to expire.  If you are not playing a Steamroller game, you do roll for the Burning Earth Template to expire.


  • Coming Back to the Game

    Hello again. Again. Well, here we are, and I have some interesting updates on my tentative steps into painting. But, I promised I would get into actually sitting down to play this week so I will put the painting info on the back burner for now. This week will be about pushing models and rolling dice.

    We have two local game stores (I don’t count the weird Games Workshop kinda store-ish thing in town) and both of them have WM/H nights. One is on Wednesday, and the other, Thursday. I work both of these nights. I needed to find a Monday early morning/afternoon game. Off I went to our local WM/H Facebook group and made a post seeing who was available. There was a decent discussion, but only one person wound up being available.  It was someone I have never met before, a player (and Chain Attack listener) named Bryan Perissutti.

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  • Exploring The Dreamer

    After mashing my head against the unstoppable force that is Ghost Fleet, I decided I wanted to do some work on my off list.  The Dreamer is a caster that has intrigued me in Grymkin since I saw the stats for the Defiers.  She has tricks and options, which is something I love with a caster.  Here is the list that I decided to go with for my first build:

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  • New and upcoming releases!


    Death Knell Battlefoam

    End of the Line

    Pandemic Iberia


    The Dreamer & Phantasms

    The Twilight Sisters




  • November New Releases!

    Trencher Combat Engineers – Cygnar Unit (3) (resin/metal)

    PIP 31135 MSRP: $24.99

    As turn the wrenches of the mechaniks, so turns the war. Trencher combat engineers are even tougher and more combat-ready than their field mechanik counterparts in the regular Cygnaran Army. Every man and woman among them must be as adept with a firearm as they are at maintaining and repairing the warjacks and weapons of the platoon.

    TRADE POINTS: Trencher Combat Engineers are a great unit for players looking to increase the fighting power of their support forces. Compared to the traditional Field Mechaniks (PIP 31092), the Combat Engineers offers a more elite option for repairing warjacks, battle engines, and structures such as the new Trencher Blockhouse (PIP 31136).

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  • The Wanderer (Dark Menagerie) vs Deneghra 1 (Ghost Fleet)

    Aaron and I decided to test out the list I discussed on Tuesday versus Ghost Fleet.  I selected Ruin and Shroud as my Aracana.  Aaron went first and we both ran forward.  Aaron ran an arc node forward and cast a Crippling Grasp on my Cage Rager.  Aaron was trying to force me to play my Ruin Aracana.  I let the Crippling Grasp land.  In retrospect, we agreed that it would have been better for Aaron to have cast the Crippling Grasp at my caster.  I likely would have been forced to spend a corpse token on my Cage Rager and used Ruin to prevent a turn two Crippling Grasp from landing on my caster.

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  • Coming Back to the Game

    Hello again. So, yesterday I had a super interesting game against a friend and long time Cygnar player. This was my 5th game since my return and I will get to it soon but first I want to take this week to tell you about my “before you play” experiences returning. I’ll just say that it is super important, when playing against Grymkin, to be aware of their Arcana. And it’s super important, during casual play at least, for Grymkin players to let their opponents really know what their Arcana are.

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  • Rules Deep Dive

    Warrior units are able to control zones in Steamroller 2017.

    Question:  Is a unit that consists of multiple models - one of which is not a warrior model - a warrior unit?

    Example: The Spawning Vessel consists of 4-6 Acolyth warrior models and a Vessel non-warrior model. Can the Spawning Vessel control a circular zone?

    Answer from Bulldog the Infernal:  The spawning vessel unit can not control a zone as not all the members of the unit are warrior models so it is not a warrior unit,


  • Exploring the Wanderer

    By Jay Larsen

    After Aaron walloped my Heretic list with Ghost Fleet, we spent some time together in the Dojo.  Aaron felt like it would be a good idea to try out a beast heavy list into Ghost Fleet.  Ghost Fleet does a good job clearing infantry and can sometimes struggle with cracking armor.  We also looked at the Cage Rager and Skin & Moans and liked the remove from play that they brought to the table.

    Here is the list that we built together:

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