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  • Hobby Corner: Seth Watkins

    3 Types of Contrast to Bring Your Models to Life
    Part 2: Color

    Welcome to the second hobby article covering the wide world of contrast. In our last article, we discussed value contrast. Today, we’re moving on to the thing that most artists talk about: color contrast.

    Color contrast hinges on knowledge of the color wheel and a few terms. So, here we go.

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  • Q&A With Jay

    Here is today's question:

    How do you address whining about a faction feature at the table? E.g., "Oh wow, your list does x? That's not broken!(sarcasm font)", "You get all of that from the cheapest battle engine? No one better complain about arcane shield again!". This conversation takes me out of the game and makes me feel bad for playing features of my faction, but when I offer parallels or solutions (To get around sacrifice consider focussing your fire, Well the death knell doesn't do anything if I can't get corpses on it.) conversation devolves into an unwinnable "I'm right and you're wrong because I feel bad about the outcome of the game.". I also don't want to ignore it because I realize that if I want something to change I need to do something.
    -Puzzled in Pittsburgh


    When someone complains about the strength of my models, there are a few tactics that I find useful.

    To start off, I prefer to have discussions like this after the game is finished so that it doesn't distract me.  If the person is someone watching the game that is complaining, its easy to ask them not to interrupt.  If the person complaining is your opponent, you can try telling them that you think that's an interesting topic, but that you would prefer to continue the discussion once the game is over.

    Once I get into the discussion, I will usually agree with them.  "You're right!  I think the Deathknell is a fantastic model!"  I will also unabashedly tell them that when I am creating lists, I try to add the strongest models possible to my lists.  One of things that is part of the foundation of Warmachine is that players are expected to try to break the game.  It is the game designer's responsibility to create a game that has a level playing field.  No one should feel guilty for building the best list they can.

    After I tell them that I am an unrepentant power gamer, I will also say that I think that Privateer Press is doing a great job with game balance.  The game doesn't have perfect balance (which would be boring anyway), but the game is the best balanced that it has ever been.  Putting things in perspective often helps when a player is complaining about game balance.

    Finally, I will sometimes agree with a player if I think that a model or list is too strong.  I often did this when playing Haley 2 or Calandra in MKII.  I don't feel any qualms in admitting when I think that a model is too strong, because it isn't my responsibility to balance the game.  I just want to make the best lists I can!

    I hope that this helps how you approach this problem!

  • Coming Back to the Game

    Miss me? Well, I’m back. Kind of. Life and just general scheduling has kept me busy the past few weeks and I haven’t had a chance to play any games so I haven’t really had much to say or time to say it. But in my infinite wisdom and creativity (actually, at Jay’s suggestion), I figured out a lesson to be learned from this. How do we stay connected to the game.

    We are all going to have life get in the way of gaming from time to time. In a constantly evolving game like WM/H, and especially one with such perishable skill involved it can be beneficial to stay tethered while you’re “away” from the game for brief periods of time.

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  • Rules Deep Dive

    Question:  What happens when both the attacker and the target get to choose where damage is applied? For example, Efaarit scout shooting the Deathjack who has Death Ward up from Scaverous.

    Answer from Infernal Dark Legacy:    The attacker would get to choose which column the damage is being done to.


  • List Dojo: OLD WITCH 2

    I thought it would be interesting to go over a list from a huge proponent of Old Witch 2: Bubba Dalton, The King of the North.  Here is his list:

    Old Witch 2 (Winter Guard Kommand)


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  • New and upcoming releases!


    Cat Lady

    First Martians

    Aeon's End

    Technical Readout: Succession Wars

    Battletech: Battlemech Manual



    Company of Iron

    Trencher Long Gunners

    Patrol Dog

    Corruptor / Reaper / Malice

    Slayer / Erebus

  • Kingdomino Review by Josh Wheeler

    You can buy Kingdomino HERE.

    The kids and I have several plays of Blue Orange Games’ Kingdomino in the bag, and we wanted to talk to you about building your own kingdom. We’re certain you’ll feel like royalty. Continue reading

  • Q&A With Jay

    Question:  What is the most important thing that someone can do to become a better player?


    Answer: The most concise answer to this question that can be applied to all aspects of your life was given in a podcast by Freakonomics called "How to Become Great at Almost Anything".  I would encourage anyone interested to give that podcast a listen:

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  • Guest blog!

    Hey guys, Tseung Tsu here. Call me “Sung Sue” or TT if that's easier. I usually write for but I’m thrilled to be a guest on the Discount Games, Inc. blog! I thought I’d take a few minutes and write a follow up to my initial post about the Heretic. The goal of the Heretic list was to find an answer for the current Boogeyman of the Meta, Denny 1 Ghost Fleet. So today I thought I’d go over the problems Grymkin runs into vs Denny1, why I think the Heretic might work, and how it’s been going thus far. I’m only 7 Ghost Fleet games into testing thus far, but I hope you all can learn from my mistakes!


    I think anyone who’s played against Ghost Fleet understands just how dangerous pow 10 shots can be. Denny 1’s feat lowers your def and arm by 2 each respectively. Couple that with a very potent selection of debuff spells, and even the toughest warcasters can quickly meet their maker. Denny does this by “feating”, casting scourge, a range 8 aoe 3 spell that knocks down. After that, she can apply Parasite for another -3 armor. If the Wraith Engine is in range he can run and apply dark shroud for another -2 armor. So all things combined you’d be -2 def from the Withering. Knocked down from Scourge.  -2 armor from the Withering (Denny1’s Feat), -3 Armor from Parasite, and minus another 2 armor from Dark Shroud. The 8 ghost shot pirates then can usually do the job. They are range 14, don’t require line of sight, and ps 10. Since you’re knocked down, they are hitting on anything but 1’s. That puts the base pow 10 to an effective 17 with the full debuff stack.

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  • Rules Deep Dive!

    Question: How do you use Phoenix Protocol on Imperatus?

    Our answer comes form the Infernal Dark Legacy:

    If Imperatus is disabled, if Phoenix Protocol is available, it must use it then or it will continue through the steps and be destroyed.

    If Imperatus is still unboxed in your maintenance phase, you can use Phoenix Protocol to heal it.

    Phoenix Protocol will no longer be available when it becomes disabled or use in the maintenance phase if either method is used.


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